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Hello Everyone,
I am Loli, a light head with slender figure and small breasts. I am a cool chic with whom you can party all night.  I know all the places where both of us can have lot of fun. I can take you to coolest parties where we can get really close together over dance, have some drinks and make passionate love later in bed. prostitutas en MadridI am well suited girlfriend for Friday night or if you want to celebrate some special occasion such as office promotion, big business deal or your birthday; I will always be there to cheer you up.
I love taking off my clothes as the door is shut. I start with passionate lip lock moving to whole body kissing and finally giving you pleasure through KS or missionary position.
Please call my agency or drop an email to get a date with me. I would love to play your hot girlfriend for some hours.

My sex story

Christmas Day Encounter
We escorts do not date in holidays especially in Christmas season. I too avoid picking up phone on that day. Like all normal girls, we too have families.
But last Christmas, a guy was very keen on spending time with me. Initially I refused, but his continuous persistence made me answer yes.  The main reason behind saying yes was that the guy was paying double the money I charge for an hour.
I bluntly told to him that I will spend only one hour with him not more than that.  He completely agreed. I arrived in his hotel room sharp at 10:00 am. I was shivering when I reached his apartment.  My client was a middle aged guy with great body.
For some minutes, he kept on looking at me. Then, he pushed me to wall and gave me a passionate kiss on my lips. Meanwhile, he removed my coat as well as unbuttoned my shirt. My frontal portion was wide open.  Then, he poured down soft kisses all over my neck to calm my spirits while holding me gently in his arms.
His strong and warm hands moved all over my body as he kissed me neck and unhook my bra. He gently lay me down on bed and kissed my lovely nipples gently.  My shivering was all gone as he moved from one tit to another.   I must say that he was so gentle with me that I had tears in my eyes.
After playing enough with my tits, he started kissing me again on my lips while his hands move inside my pussy area. I started feeling wet when he caressed my pussy area. Then, he removed my pants along with underwear making me complete nude.
He ran his hands all over my body for some minutes to make me excited enough. When he saw me sweating and panting, the guy inserted his middle finger inside my vagina. He rotated it all round the corner. I laughed out loud when he did this and soon has an orgasm.
Seeing me lubricated enough, he inserted his big dick inside my vagina. Like his finger, he rotated it from all angles till he ejaculated inside my body.   After our sweet 45 minutes encounter, we slept for a while.
He had ordered Pizza for lunch as I woke up naked in apartment. I dressed up quickly and enjoyed the meal with him. He told me that he was a doctor from US and had come to Moscow for some professional reason. He had listened about exclusive services of Russian Escorts and wanted to get a feel of it. Unfortunately, he didn’t have time of dating Russian woman and got free on the day he was leaving i.e. the day of our meeting.  First he apologized and thanked me a lot for such a wonderful sexual encounter. I told him it was all right. We both left hotel room together and then move back to our path.
But now I remember about my Christmas encounter; I feel glad that I accepted this wonderful opportunity. It was one of mine best sexual experience which I will remember it all my life.

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